Mentalist and Entertainment for Corporate Events

Can Jan Rose read minds? That’s what everyone will be wondering. This after-dinner magic and mentalism show is filled with hilarious audience participation, baffling interactions, and a how-does-she-do-it mystery. Perfect for award banquets, holiday dinners, kick-off meetings and tradeshows, this mentalist duo specializes in making your staff, team or clients the highlight of the performance.

Corporate Mind Reader for Special events.

Fun, Surprising, Magical Meeting Activity~

Meeting Kick-off Idea: Magic!

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A Magical Mentalist

Perfect at annual dinners, holiday parties or corporate events with 30 to 500 people, Jan Rose’s mentalist performance will make people laugh out loud as they explore the boundaries of intuition, thought reading, and mind-to-mind communication. Often combined with their up-close, high impact sleight-of-hand magic during a cocktail-hour reception, they are fixtures at the Chicago Magic Lounge where they perform their stage act for sold-out houses.

Look at a pic of someone on your cell phone, she’ll tell you their name. Take any bill out of your wallet, she’ll dictate its serial number, even though she’s standing 20 feet away. Grab a handful of change, she’ll determine exactly how many coins you’re holding. Sound impossible?

That’s why Fortune 500 companies hire Jan Rose and Danny Orleans. Their show encourages staff and clients as they create an experience that is sure-to-be remembered. This unusual mind reading entertainment style is a modern-day version of an old vaudeville act and is loved by audiences in Chicago and across the U.S.

Corporate clients that rely on Danny Orleans and Incredible Jan Rose include:
BP, Allstate Insurance, Northwestern University Medical School, Turtle Wax, The Beam Team, mindSHIFT, WhereScape and Levy Restaurants.

Think of them for your next banquet or meeting. They’re already thinking of you.