Amazing Tradeshow Magician

Generate excitement at your next event. Get Corporate Magicians Danny Orleans and Jan Rose to incorporate your sales message into their magical presentation. The results will astound you. Companies in Chicago and nationwide count on them for tradeshow entertainment and to amaze customers at banquets, meetings and receptions.

“Danny Orleans is more than tradeshow entertainment. He really truly gives us qualified leads. Our demo was highly liked by many, but I think the golden ticket behind this is his presentation — which drives interest and interaction as potential customers learn about the many offerings of Honeywell Safety Products. I look forward to planning next year!”

Lisa Alsdorf - Product Communications Specialist, Honeywell Safety Products

“Danny Orleans has been a fixture at our tradeshow booth and customer event for over 10 years! He generates booth traffic and memorable experiences for prospects while priming them to interact with our team. The result: New Business Opportunities!  His presence is a critical part of our exhibit marketing strategy.”

Chris White - Executive Vice President, Sales, Imagine! Print Solutions